Why hire a virtual assistant?

Why hire a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants have been on the market for about 15 years now. Have you read Tim Ferriss’ bestselling book “The 4-hour work week”? In this book, he mentions that he hired virtual assistants to check and answer his emails, pay his bills and run parts of his company. What still sounded quite exotic in 2007 is becoming increasingly popular. Our working environment is constantly changing. Gone are the days when you started working at a company at the age of 20 and stayed until you retired. That was what my parents did. I come from a country (Germany) with pretty strong trade unions and a lot of security for employees. Firing someone who has worked for you for a couple of years and who has a permanent work contract is almost impossible. From an employer’s view, this can be frustrating. Throughout history, there have always been changes. Professions come and go and those who are unable to adapt will be the losers. New inventions and new technologies can be seen as threats or opportunities. Are you ready to see them as opportunities? Hiring a virtual assistant can be life-changing, both for you and for your business. Here’s why:

1. A VA gives you precious time

Are you drowning in routine tasks? Do you constantly find yourself working extra hours and cancelling meetings with friends? 

It’s time to look for VA who can give you back your most precious asset: time. 

If you’re a perfectionist who likes to be in control of everything, you’ll probably find it difficult to trust someone who may be sitting in front of a computer a thousand miles away from you. 

However, letting someone else handle your routine tasks is essential if you want to grow and improve your business. You cannot be creative and innovative when you’re constantly feeling tired. 

There’s no need to answer every email personally. As a hotel owner, you know that (potential) guests ask similar questions. Prepare templates and give them to your VA. A good VA will select what is needed from the template and include a personal touch when answering an email. 

Scheduling social media posts is another task which can easily be outsourced. 

Make a list of tasks which either take a lot of time or which you don’t like doing. Then ask yourself if a VA could easily take over. If the answer is yes, then you should start looking for a suitable virtual assistant NOW. 

2. A VA saves you money

When you’re running a busy hotel or hostel, you’ll need help at some point. Some things can only be done locally. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to hire a VA for cleaning the rooms (though I think that this will be done by robots in the foreseeable future). 

However, any work which can be done on a computer, can be outsourced. 30 years ago, you would have published an advertisement in a local newspaper stating that you’re looking for a secretary. You would have interviewed a dozen candidates and chosen the one you found best-suited for the job. 

Most likely, you would have employed that secretary for a certain amount of hours, perhaps even full-time. You would have paid for social benefits and days off. Probably not so much in the US but in Germany and many other European countries, it’s common to grant your employees 28 – 30 days of paid holidays a year and the social benefit fees amount to more or less 25% of someone’s salary. 

A virtual assistant is either a freelancer or a owns their own company. You’re not responsible for their health insurance or other social benefits. 

And – what’s even more important – you only pay your VA for the time they actually work. Unless you agreed on a fixed price for a project, a good VA will track her hours and only charge you her working time. 

A good VA will always deliver high quality work. Just like you, she’s an entrepreneur. You want your guests to have an awesome stay at your hotel or hostel and your VA wants you to have an awesome experiences with her or him. For both of you, it matters what your guests/clients say and you want them to come back, give you a 5-star review and recommend them to their friends and colleagues. 

3. A VA is an expert in her or his field

Looking for help with routine tasks is often the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when thinking of virtual assistance. However, many VA’s specialize in certain tasks and are experts in their fields. 

If it’s your main goal to gain followers on Instagram and increase engagement, you need to find a VA who is passionate about staying up-to-date with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm. 

If you aim to be successful with Facebook Ads, look for a VA who specializes in creating awesome ads which reach the right people and do convert. 

JADATI DIGITAL SERVICES specializes in applying SEO to your website and designing a SEO strategy for your business. This is complemented by WordPress support and general administrational tasks. 

4. A VA will help you grow

A growing business is always a good reason to hire a virtual assistant. A good and qualified VA will be much more than an employee. She or he will be your partner who wants to see you thrive. Your success will be their success. 

If you’re just looking for someone  to complete a temporary tasks for you, feel free to look for someone who offers cheap services on Fivver or Upwork. They may deliver good work but in my experience, VAs who use such platforms, have a lot of clients and as a result, the single client as such, simply doesn’t matter much as a person or as a business. They’re seen as a source of income and that’s it. 

We don’t work like this at Jadati Digital Services. We want to get to know you and your business, become a long-term partner and see you grow. We believe that building strong ties based on mutual appreciation and a friendly and respectful business relationship will lead to better to results for for both sides than anonymous services. 

5. You can choose your VA's location according to your needs

Is your hotel located in Asia and you often receive emails from the US? Then why not hire a virtual assistant who’s located in the same time zone like your guests and can answer emails why you’re sleeping? 

Or would you prefer a VA who lives in the same time zone like you? 

Or perhaps someone from a certain country or cultural background? 

Your reasons and needs may vary but with virtual assistance, you have the possibility to hire skilled people from all over the world. 

Eager to start working together? Let's discuss your needs and goals and how we can achieve them!

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